I reblog this image about once a month even as my own image, as if it just makes one person think twice……

Just never do it - It’s ruins everything and you can’t just stop like you would think. It’s an addiction that you won’t ever really get over. It’s will be with you for life. You might end up stopping but it will always be on your mind next time things turn bad or go wrong.


As a person who would habitually self-harm in the past, this is absolutely positively true.  You will feel ok while you are doing it, but as SOON as you’re done, you will realize what you’ve done to yourself.  They have won if you take sharps to your skin.  Do not give them that satisfaction because the sting after and the burn of infection after that will be a constant reminder of this.  WE LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE LOVED.  YOU ARE WORTH SOMETHING TO SOMEONE.  Have faith and keep chugging along.  Someone believes in you.  I know I do.

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Boyfriend is leaving for Thailand and India for 2.5 months next week.  His current thought at the moment.


Is this where I get off?! - Imgur


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Bringing a significant other home for the holidays. - Imgur

Every single holiday with my boyfriend.